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SB 863 And The Attacks On Injured Workers-Adventist Healthcare Nurse Barb Clark Speaks out


Whistleblower Patricia Moleski speaks out.

"This is a public health and safety violation of mass proportions"
Thousands of Medical Records and Workers Compensation claims deleted.

Adventist Health deletes Workers' Compensation Cases and
pertinent Adverse Patient Information.
Workers' Compensation Cases are manipulated to look like Patient events.
No Backup database is available
Adventist now trying to strip whistle-blower of 5th Amendment rights.

More conflict of interest,
Where are AHS Members not involved?
Who can ever get a fair day in court?

Pandora's Box of deep does it go?


Nefarious motives for conducting discovery
“.. However, defendant's counsel [Mr. Hershewe] is apparently doing everything he can think of to prevent applicant from getting the treatment he needs to survive, including the heart transplant evaluation process, or to interfere with that treatment. This has been going on for almost two years. We cannot and will not allow the procedures of the Appeals Board to obstruct medical treatment that is required for applicant's continuing survival…” 2005 Cal. Wrk. Comp. P.D. LEXIS 4 (Cal. Wrk. Comp. P.D. 2005)

11/17 Congressional Hearing On Cost Shifting By
Insurance Industry/Employers In Workers Compensation

Be sure to look at the archived webcast


Clark and Moleski voice concerns DC Press Conference HEAT

Barb Clark concerns
ya think?
Clark defense

Whistleblower against Adventist Health System, Patricia Moleski, finds her car set on fire the morning of September 15, 2010, 12 days after she files a Counter Claim against the 30 billion dollar company that is sueing her and is attempting to get her attorney client information that was turned over to the court to be sealed until she retains counsel. This information was to be sealed within the evidence vault, but attempts are being made by Adventist Health System to gain access to the her attorney client information. Excelerants were found on the door handle and passenger side tire. Case Number 2009-CA-019445

Patricia Moleski, Whistleblower against Adventist Health
System was sitting at her desk 3 am on the morning of
03/07/2010 as a bullet was fired into her home,
missing her head by only 5 feet. After the FBI was called,
she and her son were escorted by local police to a hotel.
This event ocurred after two attempted home invasions in
which her windows were pryed open. Each event ocurred
during/after her work with an FBI agent for 10 months
regarding Adventist Health System.



EDITORIAL: Don't be fooled by the religious trappings of this organization. This organization is just another super corporation with all the corruption that follows any other American business. Question is, how involved is the State of California in this racketeering scheme?

"...There has been a number of Adventist leaders and pastors who have been removed from their positions because of supposed or proven improper financial activities, including misappropriations of funds. On the United States federal government level, the IRS, SEC, FBI, and Justice Department have all initiated investigations, and some Seventh-day Adventist conference administrators may even face trial for fraud." (The Kingdom of the Cults, 2003, pg. 536.

Read Matthew 25:40