Terrorism By Adventist Health System Bosses Against Corporate Risk Manager And Whistleblower Patricia Moleski In Florida
By Steve Zeltzer

California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day

Orange County Florida Case 2099-CA-019445-0
On May 29, 2009 Patricia Moleski was suspended from the Adventist System Corporate Offices after having worked with the FBI in exposing corruption and a national conspiracy to violate workers compensation, health and safety laws and cover-up murders throughout the Adventist healthcare system. The Adventist system covers 10 states in the US including 10 hospitals in Florida. It also comes on the heels of the long battle of injured Adventist nurse practitioner Barbara Clark to get healthcare from Adventist after she was injured on the job at the California Bakersfield hospital. The Adventists got 8 restraining orders against her in Placer County without one witness and also sought to get a Federal judge to rule that she was incompetent and could not pursue her law suit.
Moleski who worked in Florida at the Adventist System Corporate offices was ordered to manipulate WC medical records on Feb 18, 2010 at Risk Management group that would limit liability and the legal responsibility of the hospital. She was told there would be duplicates of the records she was deleting but she discovered that she had been ordered to engage in a criminal conspiracy to limit liability of the company. The deletion of workers comp claims and adverse claim events was to shield the corporation from liability and damages for their corrupt practices. She called the "Global Compliance Hotline" of the Adventist Health System from the corporate offices where she worked and was targeted herself for retaliation. This has included her house being shot into, two break-ins and the fire torching of her car's tire on September 15, 2010. The company also coerced her lawyer to turn over confidential lawyer client documents that the Adventist Health System bosses are now seeking to obtain.
Adventist has also hired the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani LLP which has security and government connections to organize a campaign against her. She worked as an FBI informant who was wired to record the criminal conspiracy and exposed that there had been an electronic glitch in the electronified records of the Adventist Heath Care System that had led to the deaths of infants and other patients who were improperly medicated. The systemic problems of the electronification of medical records with no hard copy back-ups is a serious threat to public health and safety as well

as protection from criminal corporations which seek to cover their actions. Moleski uncovered that this electronification without back-up hard copy records was facilitating the criminal conspiracy to limit liability and cover-up their RICO conspiracy. At the same time the Obama administration and the technology industry are using Federal funds to totally electronify medical records with no hard copy back-ups and the Adventist Health System was one of the first healthcare companies to totally electronify their records. It maybe for this reason that the FBI and Eric Holder's US Department of Justice has apparently dropped any prosecution and investigation of this criminal enterprise by the Adventist. It would expose the systemic flaws in the implementation of electronification of the Adventist healthcare system.

AHS ( Adventist Health System ) retaliates against Whistleblower, typical pattern of practice.